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Damn kyle my bad
22 Jan 13:57
Laim, check that Georges Niang post in KTR.
22 Jan 12:53
@threetwocount has the early lead for 2020 Chat MVP
21 Jan 13:57
Mountaineers dry fuct the Longhorns - you all don't need your own network- hook em horns,hah - you need somewhere to go and hide
21 Jan 13:13
Mb3 guys, Houston around to deal
20 Jan 03:27
your heart is dead if you don't like some Cassius Winston
18 Jan 12:05
Don’t recall you even making an offer on Beal because we were looking elsewhere so I’m not even sure who your talking about
18 Jan 11:42
You're right...the walking double double doesn't get any minutes
18 Jan 11:24
Maybe if you were offering actual talent for a guy like Beal you would have him but those rookies who barely play ain’t getting it done Smile
18 Jan 10:26
Waiting on a reply sir but talk your Poop
18 Jan 10:25
Can’t believe you made that deal @OUDAN...oh wait
18 Jan 09:00
Full circle
18 Jan 06:35
I think I traded Lauri for Ingram 2 years ago
18 Jan 06:35
Replied but I think you thought I was buying not selling.
18 Jan 02:23
18 Jan 02:13
Very open bro
18 Jan 02:11
oudan what deal we making?
18 Jan 02:10
Gotta say BI has impressed me this year.
18 Jan 02:02
Nice deal boys
18 Jan 02:01
my apologies to the rest of the league
18 Jan 01:58

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Ideas and Suggestions
Would love to see a good money league in hockey cheap LOL

Have one Dave.

Blades of Thunder. The Shark is the new commish. He is a hockey guy thru and thru and will really get that league going!!!!!!

League fee is $25

I would suggest having a team logo listed under your profile kinda how profsl had the league name with the logo of the team you are as well as have a trophy case where you get trophies added to it if you win/runner up or like have gold silver and bronze
Idea Live To Game, Game to Live Idea

Love the site.

The biggest omission for me so far has been team logos for post purposes. They are so much more aesthetically pleasing. If the site comes up with those, i'll have everything I'd desire.

So I just realized this is a thread.....

1) "My Leagues" tab like FanTrax for quick/easy access to your league page

2) Is there a way to do a something like a google doc instead of the never-ending reposting/bumping trade block thread? I don't know if there is a way where you could have 1 page per team where only the owner could edit their respective team page while also allowing for a "one-stop" trade block for each team in the entire league. This is probably more labor intensive in the short-term, just thought it would be more streamlined/efficient.

"A Champion is someone who gets up when he can't."  - Jack Dempsey
Dolphins, Braves, Gamecocks, Cavaliers, & Capitals

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