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13 Dec 06:43
Someone come get Steph so I can keep up with Hook’emDan
13 Dec 06:20
Here we go boys new block with LEGIT names
13 Dec 04:05
haha those are always good.
13 Dec 03:50
Dang OUDAN you might just inspire me to do another “trades that should happen” article
13 Dec 03:41
LOR2 traders Boston is looking for some deals, Lets talk we are open to anything that helps us now
13 Dec 00:57
OK NFLC looks set with KC edging SD.
12 Dec 05:06
@Branum #20
12 Dec 03:40
After the constant scoring updates from last week, I'm not putting in the playoff matchups for this week till tomorrow
12 Dec 03:40
12 Dec 02:47
@ProfitKing New NFLC update I posted lol. I do appreciate you caring btw. It's super nice!!!!
12 Dec 02:44
Whats the status on TMW playoff matchups???
12 Dec 01:16
nice nice
12 Dec 01:02
Plus, next year I'm gonna advocate for the friends/family yahoo league to go back up to $30-40 pay-in's, too easy not to!
12 Dec 00:46
If Adrian is still owner at QFL, near certainty I stay, yes. If not, then the winnings there go to him (since we came out even)= tougher decision as $100 b/w 2 leagues. Which is less fun
12 Dec 00:45
unless your winning haha
12 Dec 00:38
Yeah I might.... I really hope SF gets their act together and chooses RB. They're gonna have 4 not even including jeff wilson next year. But that's not why/why not. Just hard to spend $ on multiple fb leagues
12 Dec 00:27
@WilliamX gotta come back to NFLC hell finishing top 4 at the worst.
12 Dec 00:26
you did win last time lol
12 Dec 00:21
Good game Jmac. Now for long awaited rematch I almost won last time, w Titans
11 Dec 18:10

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Worst Coach in College Basketball?
I am sure you guys saw this.

As a Seattle-ite and life long UW Husky fan like Cowherd actually is, I feel basically the same way as him.

Are there truly awful all round coaches out there worse than Romar? Probably
But he is seriously the definition of doing less with more.
"I don't know if we'll catch any fish. But the cooler is full and we'll catch a good buzz"

Oh man I have a long list.

Bruce Weber is up there
Lorenzo Romar is up there
Rex Chapman is up there
John Thompson III is not the worst, but is not good either

My all time worst coach I will save to unveil to see if anyone else agrees.

Personally I think Rick Barnes was an overrated coach. Heck of a recruiter and could never put the talent together. Always choked under pressure.

Barnes is definitely up there
"I don't know if we'll catch any fish. But the cooler is full and we'll catch a good buzz"

Herb Sendek blows

Steve Alfred not good

Matt Doherty possibly the worst!

Bruce Weber program killer

Frank Martin sucks!

Lorenzo Romar is not good. Give him his roster or Dukes and they'd have the same record.

Tubby Smith won 1 yr with Pitinos players other than that has been bad!!!!

Thankful we got Miller at U of A and not a scrub above.
MB-Brewers SD-Cubs BLB-Orioles TBL-Zona BTN-Zona BTL-Zona NE-Yankees MB2-Nationals

2015 Moneyball 2 CHAMPIONS!

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