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Ragator otc in np
06 Dec 00:37
Forbz otc in np
06 Dec 00:22
@ragator otc in np
05 Dec 12:07
KTR guys Miami has some guys who could help
05 Dec 00:37
Need a couple more votes in np. Thanks
04 Dec 23:13
In KTR I'm dealing with Bryant, LeVert, Porter Jr and Looney. This season's been rough for fantasy hoops.
04 Dec 09:37
damn....morant and now bryant out for me for weeks in LOTR2. I was doing so well! lol
04 Dec 08:14
Anyone looking to GM a team in KTR? May have an opening in the next couple of weeks due to non-compliance with league activity rules.
03 Dec 17:37
need some votes in np, draft pick involved. thanks
03 Dec 13:50
They actually tweeted later that’s what everyone was replying. They said no one really wants that smoke.
01 Dec 19:47
@yahoosportsNBA tweet, "If you could have courtside seats to (1) moment in NBA history, what would it be?" ...... would Malice in the Palace be a good choice lol?
01 Dec 17:53
saying as I benched Golladay and Singletary in a couple of my big money leagues it could be better lol! Hope you and everyone enjoyed their time with loved ones though!!!
30 Nov 12:22
Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving
30 Nov 12:10
David Blough, Jesper Horsted and Ventell Bryant all scored TD's today. This is why owners that disappear during the season are hurting their teams. You have to take fliers on some deep cuts and hope some pan out. (Not directed at anyone in particular)
29 Nov 12:01
Wow. Jones out right when I (the QFL Falcons) need him.... Good news is it just means I won't have to ask an AFK Adrian to split prize $... But I do hope you return, my friend!
29 Nov 11:03
Fantrax appears to be down. Sorry for the delay on processing some moves.
28 Nov 14:28
Nice bo pickup Kyle. Will have to consider a QFL trade later on... Still no word from Adrian, so for all I know, he's out in that league too
27 Nov 10:23
thanks aaron
27 Nov 10:17
luck lmao
27 Nov 05:22
NFLC Playoffs updated as well! Good lick to all!
27 Nov 05:17

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The Biebs
I am going to open this statement by saying that I am not a Justin Bieber fan, however it was pretty nuts to see this happen in my home town. His air-conditioner quit in his RV and needed a place to stay, so we went to the good ole community of Hamilton IL, estimated population 2,800. He stayed at a bed and breakfast there that cost $10,000/night! Don't believe me!?

Thats hilarious!

That's a hell of a crib for a town of 2800 hot damn bro!
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2015 Moneyball 2 CHAMPIONS!

Ha ya he's a nationally known lawyer. Sticks out in our little community!

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