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yep; unless it's a flags fly forever thing but even then i'd wait till nearer the deadline if possible to see if any better pitching options were available
17 Jul 08:55
17 Jul 07:32
id keep the cheap albies
17 Jul 07:09
Should I trade $5 Albies for $2 (Domingo) German or $16 Hendricks? I'm debating German now that - with Nate Lowe up - the team has so many Infielders I have to put one equal or > than Ohtani or Lowe at U.
17 Jul 03:53
Question to the MLB crew (and those who know MLB fantasy enough), 6x6 keeper roto lg (w/ ops/holds added):
17 Jul 03:53
Totally kidding of course Smile
17 Jul 03:36
Same thing lol
17 Jul 03:35
I’m italian, not European ?
17 Jul 03:34
Ahhh, gotcha. That makes too much sense and makes me feel foolish, lol.
17 Jul 03:31
17 Jul 03:30
It’s European
17 Jul 03:29
Alright, I added the 14.2 anyway. The use of commas was just unclear.
17 Jul 03:24
17 Jul 03:24
Right. Is that 13.2M or 13,2-years? Still not clear?
17 Jul 03:20
It was 13,2.
17 Jul 03:18
*The poster
17 Jul 03:04
I can't tell if that Hood bid was 13.2 or 13, 2-years. Free poster used commas instead of periods, so I assume it's 13. If not, I'll edit it to 14.2.
17 Jul 03:04
General NFLC reminder to post your contracts within 48 hours or the player opens up. Being lenient on this first ones as they involve new league members. Have until tomorrow to post before I give second-place bidder the option.
17 Jul 01:47
on fantrax
17 Jul 00:12
in TMW
17 Jul 00:12

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Extension Primer
Posting my reply to another owner here, my replies are in red.

"I have 3 players I'm interested in extending.

Scott Schebler p2019, Hernan Perez p2019, Jharel Cotton 500k

Best finishes:
Schebler: #135 in 2017, 4.1m
Perez: #204 in 2017, 2.4m
Cotton: Unranked, 1.6m

I want to make sure I'm understanding the extension rules correctly.

1.  I have to extend before opening day to avoid any surcharges. Pre-opening day I use the best of 2017/2018 seasons on the spreadsheet (or the relevant minimum amount if they're not listed). Yes
2.  After opening day and before May 3rd, I still use 2017/2018 numbers but there is a 10% surcharge. Yes
3.  After May 3rd, I have to wait until the end of the season and use 2018 and 2019 numbers. 2018 number has a 20% surcharge, 2019 has 30%. Yes
4.  Regardless of when I extend, Schebler and Perez get a 20% discount because they are in the last year of their prospect contract. Yes
5. Why do you have this discount? So teams can extend PC players with lower values and still get a discount.
6.  3 years is the maximum extension I can give to all of these guys due to contract rules unless I bump their deals up to 5m per season (i.e. 20m total) or do the 5 year prospect extension. Yes
7. 2 years is the minimum length that extensions can beYes

Based on these understandings, the extensions would be:
Schebler: 3.3m per year for 3 years max, 2 years min
Perez: 2.0m per year for 3 years max, 2 years min
Cotton: 1.6m per year for 3 years max, 2 years min


8. Mathematically, when would it make sense to wait till the offseason? 

When 2018 rank is a lot lower than 2017 rank and you think 2019 will likely be lower than 2017 too. Risk of paying higher amount if player has a good season (2019 value + 30%) but chance of cheaper deal or can let the player hit FA if he's terrible. 

With any player though you can wait till the end of the season and pay a higher price. In return you get the benefit of having another year to assess his performance and won't have an unwanted contract if he gets injured etc."
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