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After JAX was claimed just six teams left in NFLC! hit me, ProfitKing, or MontanaCub up for questions and sign up here
25 May 06:03
could use a qfl trade for some depth
25 May 04:58
Thanks doggsies. Will confirm after some dumb blood work.
25 May 04:54
Nice deal for you both
25 May 04:36
finally a ktr trade
25 May 04:35
London looking to move up to one of the next picks in TMW. Can offer picks this year, next year, dennard or other players....let's get creative. Would love to get one of the next picks
25 May 04:34
@BadAssBamaBoys Cleared my inbox. Just you PM
25 May 04:28
@bruskie10 you in box is full
25 May 04:19
I did PM ben as well in TMW
25 May 04:05
I'm shopping my RD1+RD2 picks for an RFA you might not want to pay, or a contract you're looking to move in KTR.
25 May 03:56
chargers pick is in.
25 May 03:21
William I dont see it happening but I hope.
25 May 01:47
benblyth up in tmw
25 May 01:27
Found it. Thanks. Not sure how I missed that check-box. I get the forum notifications fine. We'll see how this one goes.
25 May 00:34
Yes you click it in your settings but mine started going to my junk email
25 May 00:31
Also, @OUDAN Hell yes! Screw Rob. If James does this make him GM
25 May 00:30
Half the time I don't get them and I'm subscribed... Hope that's not the case with you
25 May 00:30
For those of you more familiar with this site, is it possible to have an email notification sent to my account when I receive a new PM? I've figured out how to "subscribe" to the forums I want notifications from, but is there a similar setup for PMs?
25 May 00:22
Lemme know if there's an easy way to lock it down @Forbz23 - maybe i pay slightly more or add something real small
25 May 00:16
@tomviolence up to select in 2MW
24 May 23:35

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Slack? Group Me?
Has anyone ever floated the idea of using Slack or Groupme for messaging? The app is a little cumbersome and for some reason I don’t get push notification. It would be easier to talk smack and/or trade talk. Thoughts?

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Yes, I believe one or two leagues have Groupme. I personally hate Groupme, but would do a Slack site for chat in a heartbeat.
QFL Packers, NFLC Bills

That's ONLY half-true Mr. Cub. I run the groupme's on 3 baseball leagues here:

National Pastime,

Between the Lines,


It has increased league activity in all 3 leagues dramatically and I feel the software is a great fit.

If you're in one of those feel free to send a message over yonder. Or if you'd like it in another league let me know.
KTR (Suns) & QFL (Atlanta) - GM
BTL - Phillies (GM)
All other leagues - Dodgers
(MLBLive'18 champs)

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