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After JAX was claimed just six teams left in NFLC! hit me, ProfitKing, or MontanaCub up for questions and sign up here
25 May 06:03
could use a qfl trade for some depth
25 May 04:58
Thanks doggsies. Will confirm after some dumb blood work.
25 May 04:54
Nice deal for you both
25 May 04:36
finally a ktr trade
25 May 04:35
London looking to move up to one of the next picks in TMW. Can offer picks this year, next year, dennard or other players....let's get creative. Would love to get one of the next picks
25 May 04:34
@BadAssBamaBoys Cleared my inbox. Just you PM
25 May 04:28
@bruskie10 you in box is full
25 May 04:19
I did PM ben as well in TMW
25 May 04:05
I'm shopping my RD1+RD2 picks for an RFA you might not want to pay, or a contract you're looking to move in KTR.
25 May 03:56
chargers pick is in.
25 May 03:21
William I dont see it happening but I hope.
25 May 01:47
benblyth up in tmw
25 May 01:27
Found it. Thanks. Not sure how I missed that check-box. I get the forum notifications fine. We'll see how this one goes.
25 May 00:34
Yes you click it in your settings but mine started going to my junk email
25 May 00:31
Also, @OUDAN Hell yes! Screw Rob. If James does this make him GM
25 May 00:30
Half the time I don't get them and I'm subscribed... Hope that's not the case with you
25 May 00:30
For those of you more familiar with this site, is it possible to have an email notification sent to my account when I receive a new PM? I've figured out how to "subscribe" to the forums I want notifications from, but is there a similar setup for PMs?
25 May 00:22
Lemme know if there's an easy way to lock it down @Forbz23 - maybe i pay slightly more or add something real small
25 May 00:16
@tomviolence up to select in 2MW
24 May 23:35

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Preseason NL power rankings
Tier 1----Just hand them the trophy....

ATL--24193(12), 22325 (11), (4) = 27

Preseason power house with 24k in projected hitting points and 22k in pitching. Bench depth also rates 4 out of 5 stars, putting his total clear and away the preseason fav.

A couple of big preseason trades and mining the FA pitching looks to be paying off.

MVP: Cody Bellinger
CY Young: Folty

Tier 2----Contenders

COL--23401(11), 17787(8), (4) = 22

A veteran GM is in charge here and it shows.  Having most of the hitters in Colorado doesn't hurt either.  COL has worked FA masterfully, bringing in pitching and depth.  

MVP: Arenado
CY Young: German Marquez

CHC--20498(7), 19045(10), (3) = 20

If it ain't broke don't fix it.  CHC GM has used a calm hand and not rocked the boat. Picking up some young pitching and working FA for depth may just payoff.

MVP: Kris Bryant
CY Young: CMart

PHI--19641(6), 18764(9), (5) = 20

This GM has been around and knows what it will take to win this league.  Very active in FA, he's brought in alot of vets and scores the highest in our bench scoring evals.  No one flashy but he will be pushing the limits on pitching caps every week.

MVP: HIT Merrifield
CY Young: Nick Pivetta

Tier 3----Back in the pack.....

ARZ--21086(9), 15276(6), (3)

Wouldn't be awesome if Harper really signed in ARZ? The ARZ GM after bringing in the biggest prize this off season has filled in around him with an interesting mix of young and old with an impressive hitting bench. Pitching is where this GM will make or break his season, will probably need to find some more throughout the year.

MVP: $40 dollar guy
CY Young: Archie Bradley

NYM--18927(5), 24407(12), (1) = 18

Best starting 5 in the league, with the highest preseason point total.  With some positional holes and lack of depth bring this team down to this tier.  Its a long year though and this GM doesn't seem afraid to pull the trigger on a big deal.  

MVP: Eugenio Suarez
Cy Young: Degrom, back to back?

STL--23919(11), 9415(1), (3) = 15

Yes, that pitching point total is correct.  Solid positional line up with some depth but the pitching strategy may cost him a chance to compete.  I don't think he will sit on this hands this year though and I expect some moves will be made.

MVP: Joey Votto, yes he's not done.
Cy Young: Dereck Rodriguez

MIL--18124(3), 16440(7), (3) = 13

Finding the middle in hitting and pitching might be a coveted spot to start the year.  A balanced approach could serve this GM well. Taking some positional chances and Mouse returning to MIL could prove like difficult obstacles for some, but he has a developed his approach and could surprise us all.

MVP: Josh Donaldson
Cy Young: Tyler Skaggs

WAS--20850(8), 14608(5), (0) = 13

If anyone could find away to fill all these hole, this GM can.  He's got elite pieces in place so don't count him out, just wave bye has he climbs up the rankings.  

MVP:  Juan Soto
Cy Young: Mad Max

Tier 4----Coming on strong....

CIN--18639(4), 13368(2), (2) = 8

This GM has made some aggressive moves but is missing out on some helpful FA signing resulting in the low ranking.  His team is poised to take off with some guys in new homes. So this teams future is bright in CINci.

SD--15992(2), 13940(3), (3) = 8

SD is waiting on some guys, then look out. Big FA fish will give a solid base has the rest of his guys come of age.

MVP: Franmil Reyes
Cy Young: Chris Paddock

LAD--11346(1), 13987(4), (1)

Well there's at least one in every league.  A GM that will sacrifice a year to come back even stronger then before.  So we wish him well.....

MVP: Brendan Rodgers
Cy Young: They call him Walker.....

Hitting/pitching points were sums of fantrax what do they really know lol!

Yeah I tried the Jmac Attack (longer term with cap savings). So long as you’re around in 2021 I think I’ll be okay. Glad Adrian hit the 1 spot... he was top 2 in NP fwiw.

And our (Adrian and myselfs) BtL squad is looking like a definite contender with many improvements to middling injury force of yesteryear.
KTR (Suns) & QFL (Atlanta) - GM
BTL - Phillies (GM)
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(MLBLive'18 champs)

You'd think after being my rival in BTL from 2017 he knows full well i know how to build filthy bullpens from scratch in season for super cheap. Over 10 potential RP slots? Who needs aces. Bleh

I'd love to see these rankings revisited once FA is over. Quite a few points that didn't get into these rankings, but I'll be happy to play the role of underdog Smile
(But a REAL Cubs fan bleedin' Cubbie blue through and through!)


Great insight!


Thanks Pat for the write up and vote of confidence. Think my team is top 3-4 but post FA it will be very close. David (Mets), Kyle (Rockies) and Phillies are at par or very close. Cards, Cubs are perhaps a notch below and Sky has cap issues and lack of depth at the moment but he’ll be up with us as always.

JMAC and Will guess own 50% of the top 100 specs and they are not far from competing (with a bit of luck and few trades or FA think by next year).

As David mentioned would be cool to get an update post FA, some things will change quite a bit.
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I suppose it does present an interesting paradox.. I inherited a compete now roster and Jmac a compete later one. I dealt all of the now pieces for later. Sort of like a nouveau riche mcmansion vs. a wealthy inheritance. 

Looking forward to our future battles then!
KTR (Suns) & QFL (Atlanta) - GM
BTL - Phillies (GM)
All other leagues - Dodgers
(MLBLive'18 champs)

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