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The James Johnson and Thon Maker bids are final in KTR. Just FYI. I posted contract terms before you bumped them up. Those aren't new bids.
21 Jul 09:19
Not yet.
21 Jul 07:43
has anyone here got a big package ;-)
21 Jul 06:19
I am putting Tyreek Hill and Chris Jones on the trade block for big packages in QFL
21 Jul 04:31
Will pay and take young guys or picks.
20 Jul 06:50
KTR guys come get Hood
20 Jul 06:41
I've got an opening for this season in TMW if you want a spot. Entry fee each year is $35.00 ($70.00 total because we pay a year in advance) but I am offering the team up for free this year. BC Lions:
20 Jul 05:31
Kones not sure if there will be a new startup league next season but I am sure there are open teams in existing leagues if that interests you
20 Jul 05:19
If you all have room in a football league setup like KTR next year let me know.
20 Jul 02:43
Ahhhh football soooo close
20 Jul 01:27
I think Rishard Matthews is your missing piece lol
20 Jul 01:12
I’d love to make some moves in QFL. Don’t know what to do with my team in there
20 Jul 00:59
If anyone is bored at work....KTR- looking for win now guys for picks. QFL- looking to consolidate off guys for a stud.
20 Jul 00:01
Any LOR2 sellers around?
19 Jul 09:55
Nothing like fighting over the scraps.
19 Jul 07:43
Jordan Bell is having quite a day today
19 Jul 06:57
NFLC members there are four trades in transactions that need voted on please. Dont forget to vote
19 Jul 05:16
Still glad milutinov is 3 years... Even if it was 2m/yr wouldn't have enough now.
19 Jul 02:51
Dang it... the minimum for 3 years is 2m. hm
19 Jul 02:48
id pay more but cant hes just the perfect fit
19 Jul 02:28

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Expansion Rules
Tucci905 will run the Detroit Lions
jbcoffey will run the Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore Ravens - Goes to the AFC Central
Detroit Lions - Goes to the NFC Central which moves Jacksonville to the West

Expansion Draft

Snake Style Draft. Ravens have the first pick.

Existing teams will have to expose players to the expansion draft.

Protection Limits: Teams will be capped on how many players can be protected per position as follows...
QB (2), RB (4), WR (5), TE (2), DE (3), DT (2), LB (5), CB (3), S (3), K (1) = 30 players

Teams will have to expose 1/3 of their roster to the expansion draft. (If you have 45 players, then 15 will be left unprotected... If you have 24 players, then 8 will be left unprotected etc)

If you lose a player in the expansion draft, then you will have 24 hours to pull back 50% of the remaining unprotected players if you so choose. (Ex: You have 45 players and leave 15 unprotected. You lose a player in the draft leaving you with 14 unprotected. You would then be able to pull back any 7 unprotected player from the draft within 24 hours of that pick)

The maximum number of players you can lose in the expansion draft is 2.

Any team with zero players selected within the Top 48 picks of the expansion draft will surrender their 2nd worst draft pick as penalty.

Rookie Draft

1st Round - Lions pick 9th overall, Ravens pick 10th overall
2nd thru 6th Rounds - Expansion teams will have the first picks in each round and will alternate who picks first every round.

(At this point the expansion teams could have drafted between 14-28 players each in the expansion draft and 6 players in the rookie draft)

Free Agency

As a final way to assist these teams in their startup, each team will receive a 10% discount in free agency. (If you sign someone for $30M, then they will only go on your cap at $27M)

Additionally if a team signs a free agent who plays for their real life NFL counterpart, then they will save a whopping 20% discount. (EX: Someone chooses to be Baltimore and signs Joe Flacco in FA. If he is still with BAL in real life, then the 20% discount applies)

Discounts would cease to be applied on any bids won after Sept 1, 2019 unless you have a pre-existing bid on the player prior to that date.

Players who were unsigned and not specifically released will be exposed to the expansion draft if the expansion team is willing to sign them at their extension price.

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