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TB is selling in nflc. Lots of solid vets for contenders
24 Oct 04:34
Bron missing FT to tie the game is not what I imagined when having him. This man will never be as clutch as mamba period
24 Oct 00:04
Well this is annoying... Since I made thread it shows as edited when I clicked on link for too long (and it stupidly adds text). yarg
23 Oct 14:05
I had heard Bell would begin to train during bye week but that situation is always evolving & info a week old
23 Oct 10:19
I like the Hilton side a bit more as well as its safer
23 Oct 10:19
definitely more than fair
23 Oct 10:18
It is standard. I thought it seemed fair considering the risk. I think Bell comes back, but when and do the Steelers use him as much as before.
23 Oct 05:09
In redraft
23 Oct 04:59
I could see either side of it but I would prefer the Hilton/Coleman side
23 Oct 04:58
I don't think I'd vote against it if it was a voting league
23 Oct 04:58
Hilton is nice... Ppr or standard? In my StD yahoo league that looks very fair esp if Coleman produces and gets occasional extra snaps as has been the case. I wish I got those kinda offers. Bell might also be real rusty...
23 Oct 04:58
I need opinions on a 10 team redraft league. The commissioner just traded for Leveon Bell. Gave up TY Hilton and Tevin Coleman. Is that enough? He is asking for feedback. Thoughts?
23 Oct 04:56
Yea I hate ties in Cat leagues. I usually weight 2 of my cats to help prevent that. Like FG% 1.3 and Points 1.1 Looks strange on Live Scoring as scores are like 5.3-1.1-2
23 Oct 03:07
Missing Westbrook for 2 games sent me to 0-4 to start LOR2 season.
23 Oct 03:04
Damn it Orlando giving me a tie in LOR2
23 Oct 02:24
I shoulda given Smart a 3 or 4 year mega-deal... Kind-of a blunder. But my hope is he'll get the starting gig or become such a 6th man force, 11 mill is somewhat OK
23 Oct 00:51
I also like Reggie. Heck, I like most of stupid Pistons... Starting with my Uconn gent
23 Oct 00:48
I'm sure I can still veto, but i'm nowhere near a contender so 2 1st rounders for you won't impact me for another 2 years : ). Plus, neither team is crippled
23 Oct 00:47
only been a couple games dawg... We'll see if those picks are late and he maintains a breakneck pace. even so it's only even then... you got 4 assets
23 Oct 00:45
good morning
23 Oct 00:44

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Crooklyn Dodgers (LAD) Offseason moves (Finalized)
This Document is a work-in progress. An active rough draft... I'll be making changes to it during this month (October). I'll bold-font any finalized actions. Gracias Kyle!

This is the alpha version I guess? 0.1
Official Release! lol

MiLB Promotions:

1.) Promote Jose Castillo, RP, SDP
2.) Promote Stephen Gonsalves, SP, Min
3.) Promote Kevin Newman, SS, Pitt

MiLB Drops:

1.) Joe Dunand 3B/SS, Miami
2.) Zac Lowther, P
3.) Drew Ellis, 3B
4.) Randy Cesar, 3B

CONDITIONAL 5.) Jean Carlos Encarnacion, 3B*** (In the event I am permitted to drop during the MiLB draft, drop/promote the above 7 beforehand but I'll keep Encarnacion to see about him vs. my 5-4 pick).

---> This (the promotions + the drops) puts me at either 16 or 17 MiLB'ers.

MLB Drops:

Neil Walker: 3, 3
- Free Drop

Martin Maldanato: 2.8
- Free Drop

Dylan Covey: 2.6, 1.4
- Free Drop

Leury Garcia: 1.2
- Free Drop

Brian Duensing: 700k
- Free Drop

Jeff Samardzija 11.2,10.5,11.9,11.9
- $0 Cap hit. [Normally a 3 mill cap hit /Now Zero.] (free due to his 3 mill pre-paid/year four more years)

Ryan Braun 19, 17, (3rd year is an option year and was told by Kyle, is not included).
- 5 Mill Cap hits

Kevin Kiermaier 8.2, 10.2, 11.7, 12.2 (5th year is an option)
- Would this be 3x 3 million cap hits and 1x 5million hit? Or is it the average of the remaining years which I suspect it might be... (3 Million /year if so, since if I'd bid 42 million over 4 and averaged it out to 10.5 million for example, it'd be the same amount of money total just spread out differently).

Addison Reed: 5.7, 5.7, 5.7
- 2 Mill hits

Do not extend: Kevin McCarthy, RP, Pitt


Kyle Hendricks
- $8.8 Million , 4 years
(Ranked #25 in 2018, #71 in 2017).

Julio Urias
- 5 Million /4 years because 5 mill is the bump up Minimum for a 4 year extension
(Ranked 476 in 2017, >500 in 2018).


Pick-up Jose Quintana's 2019 Option.
- $10.5 Mill (already included in spreadsheet/doc).

16 or 17 man MiLB squad 
if we're allowed to drop during the draft then add Jean Carlos to the below list: 

Connor Wong
1B Gavin Sheets
2B Keston Hiura
3B Ke'Bryan Hayes
3B Nick Senzel

3B Jean Carlos Encarnacion (If I'm permitted to drop during the draft).
SS Andres Gimenez
SS Isan Diaz
SS Shervyen Newton
OF Daz Cameron
OF Randy Arozarena
OF TJ Friedl

SP Cristian Javier
SP Forrest Whitley
SP Hunter Greene
SP Matt Manning
SP Michel Baez

Major League Keepers (31)

1.) C, Chris Iannetta
2.) C, Chance Sisco
3.) 1B, Joe Mauer
4.) 1B, Dominic Smith
5.) 1B, Ryan McMahon
6.) 2B, Dustin Pedroia
7.) 3B, Justin Turner
8.) 3B, Rafael Devers

9.) SS, Kevin Newman (promoted)
10.) SS, Brandon Crawford
11.) SS, Adalberto Mondesi
12.) SS, Jose Iglesias
13.) OF, Andrew McCutcheon
14.) OF, Jesse Winker

15.) SP, Jose Quintana
16.) SP, Danny Salazar
17.) SP, Eduardo Rodriguez
18.) SP, Dylan Covey
19.) SP, Antonio Senzatela
20.) SP, Jack Flaherty
21.) SP, Julio Urias
22.) SP, Luke Weaver
23.) SP, Tyler Mahle
24.) SP, Kyle Hendricks

25.) SP, Stephen Gonsalves (promoted)
26.) RP, Jose Castillo (Promoted)
27.) RP, Will Harris
28.) RP, Josh Fields
29.) RP, Chris Martin
30.) RP, Jesse Biddle
31.) RP, Matt Magill

Draft tracking post (for LAD) for later:

9* total picks (including 2 compensatory picks & 2 picks dealt to me).

Picking 4th (came in 17th).


Competitive Balance picks

C1 - 4
C2 - 4

Traded Picks (to me): 

3-19  -  Yankies Rd 3 pick,
2-9  -  Cubbies Rd 2 pick


Thus, I have (In order):








Kyle, can you confirm these are correct?

Maybe kill two birds with one stone once I finish the /\ (Above) post and finalize my offseason moves.

Alrighty. Kyle the above list is now final!!!

Please let me know in your processing reply Below if:

1.) Kiermaier's hit is applied as 3,3,3,5 or 3,3,3,3 (see above). I'll drop him regardless.

2.) If I can drop a minor leaguer during the MiLB draft. I will want to decide on Jean Carlos VS. my 5th round pick and I won't know until the draft occurs what I should do.

If I must drop all milb'ers pre-draft then don't drop Jean Carlos and I'll figure out in November and beyond, but before our draft, whether or not to keep him.

You can drop any minor leaguers at any time. Really anyone on a prospect contract.

Kiermaier= you decline the 2023 option and the 4 years guaranteed average 10.6m so its 3m per year for 4 years.

Sounds good! 

-to be clear then just in case; I will keep Jean Carlos Encarnacion for now and drop the four MiLB'ers noted above and make the 3 promotions above.

-Also will drop Kiermaier. Too bad he couldn't stay healthy

Please drop Cristian Javier

Just realized I had the Houston prospect in this league. Don't want him...My 5-4 pick will likely be better.

Please add Joe Mauer to my drop list... (And remove from my keepers).

Looks like I missed the fact he's (thinking about?) retiring. Odd when the guy is still productive but oh well.

2.5/2.5 - Free Drop.

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