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13 Dec 06:43
Someone come get Steph so I can keep up with Hook’emDan
13 Dec 06:20
Here we go boys new block with LEGIT names
13 Dec 04:05
haha those are always good.
13 Dec 03:50
Dang OUDAN you might just inspire me to do another “trades that should happen” article
13 Dec 03:41
LOR2 traders Boston is looking for some deals, Lets talk we are open to anything that helps us now
13 Dec 00:57
OK NFLC looks set with KC edging SD.
12 Dec 05:06
@Branum #20
12 Dec 03:40
After the constant scoring updates from last week, I'm not putting in the playoff matchups for this week till tomorrow
12 Dec 03:40
12 Dec 02:47
@ProfitKing New NFLC update I posted lol. I do appreciate you caring btw. It's super nice!!!!
12 Dec 02:44
Whats the status on TMW playoff matchups???
12 Dec 01:16
nice nice
12 Dec 01:02
Plus, next year I'm gonna advocate for the friends/family yahoo league to go back up to $30-40 pay-in's, too easy not to!
12 Dec 00:46
If Adrian is still owner at QFL, near certainty I stay, yes. If not, then the winnings there go to him (since we came out even)= tougher decision as $100 b/w 2 leagues. Which is less fun
12 Dec 00:45
unless your winning haha
12 Dec 00:38
Yeah I might.... I really hope SF gets their act together and chooses RB. They're gonna have 4 not even including jeff wilson next year. But that's not why/why not. Just hard to spend $ on multiple fb leagues
12 Dec 00:27
@WilliamX gotta come back to NFLC hell finishing top 4 at the worst.
12 Dec 00:26
you did win last time lol
12 Dec 00:21
Good game Jmac. Now for long awaited rematch I almost won last time, w Titans
11 Dec 18:10

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Earning The Respect
Some of you may know me, and some of you many not. I was frequently in and out as GM/Owner/Blah/Blah at ProFSL over the years, and most likely pissed you off at some point. Not that I need to explain myself, but after a recent conversation, I wanted to.

People deal with things differently and my escape was through fantasy sports. Without giving too many boring details, I've been through plenty mishaps/relationships/nonsense/suicide attempts, and used this platform as a way to get away from all of that. Or at least tried to. So when things got completely sour in my life, I bailed on everything. Including my teams and left A LOT of people upset with me. I'm now in a place to say that i've gotten past all of that and feel like a brand new person.

Well, now I'm here. I frequent both sites. I completely understand if trust issues arise when and if I ask to join your league. My track record is as awful as one can be and i have a ton to prove. Ive joined plenty of leagues, and look to make many moves. I am by no means a fantasy expert, but I hope to gain plenty of knowledge in a setting as such. Ive finally gotten back to the most important point of Fantasy Sports, which is to have fun.

My point in typing all of this is just to say I know I need to prove myself to earn the respect of my fantasy peers, and enjoy the topics at hand. I'm not looking for forgiveness, nor pity. Look forward to future conversations with many of you about anything.

- Carl

Hey Carl, thanks for sharing. I can kind of relate. Last Spring something crazy happened to me at a bar and next the i knew i was facing an arrest. For the Summer i was frustrated with myself and took out on some members on profsl and playing wasnt fun. I welcomed the change to this site i feel like i am starting new here even if i am playing with a lot of the same people. Good luck to ya!
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Hey man fresh starts always good. Im sure everyone is happy to see you

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