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Nice MNF WWF fix
15 Oct 13:46
It is avearged. I havent gone through the ones on the board currently but everything processed it good so far
14 Oct 11:05
Average would make sense.. I didn’t think about that or look how we did it before.. I just went with each year on the contract but can change
14 Oct 10:14
Multiple teams are using different methods so not singling anyone out (it's also not spelled out in constitution either case, I just remember from last yr)
14 Oct 07:32
We don't want to have different type of cap hits for different teams lol
14 Oct 07:31
@kylerap you may want to clarify unsigned cap hits for NP league... Some teams are posting different cap hits for the same player (for ex 2019 5m, 2020, 3m etc). while others are using the total average. I believe we use average salary left applied to each year the same.
14 Oct 07:31
@Goldie , deal me Thybille... And @Forbz23 pm Coming hot for trade talks...
13 Oct 23:10
BTL and BTN now both have their own Extension Calculators as well as Release/Buyout Calculators
13 Oct 01:18
Kershaw got prison rape tonite - go NATS
10 Oct 14:46
Pm Billy
09 Oct 13:43
Week 7 supposed to be OAK v CAR and SEA v ATL. Change made. Glad you noticed that.
09 Oct 06:07
@Laimbeer40 question, how come I play Atlanta in week 7 and week 8?
08 Oct 23:55
Not even sure who is on the committee anymore lol. Please feel free to vote WilliamX
06 Oct 21:32
Can anyone vote L? I thought it was a committee
06 Oct 20:44
5th yr option and franchise tags come with big pay raises. Not sure a notoriously cheap franchise is going to pay a RB like that when the potential replacement is already on the roster.
06 Oct 15:06
Dont want to flood the thread, but doesnt SD still have a 5th year option on gordon and 3 franchise tags? So basically control for the next 5 years?
06 Oct 14:26
QFL people bugging me to process transactions... let's see you putting some votes on these trades.
06 Oct 05:11
thanks. Thats the way i was leaning. Vikings have some great matchups coming so hopefully Thielen's call out will get a boost to the passing game.
03 Oct 05:38
whats up with Roquan
02 Oct 22:15
Sure did lol.. yea I'd hang onto Diggs haha
02 Oct 05:35

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Transactions 101
Free Agency


Auction threads must have the player's full name and his position. When a player is won the topic will be pinned and you can post a contract. If you fail to do this then a flat contract at the maximum permissible years will be given.

If your roster is full then you can expedite the player's addition in-season by either dropping someone first or posting a conditional drop within your bid.

The commissioner may rule a player ineligible for FA under exceptional circumstances.



One team posts the specifics of the trade including all contracts, cash exchanges (money already paid on a player as well as any new payments being made) and details of any draft picks. The other team will then confirm and league members can vote to approve or veto. Don't forget to explain your motivation for making the deal. See an example of a correctly posted trade here.

Releasing Players


Standard release penalties are assumed unless you post that you are performing a buyout, which can be used to accelerate more of the hit to earlier years.

The commissioner may delay the release of a player in-season in order to maintain league integrity.

Promotions/Demotions and DL


You perform these yourself on fantrax. You must have the requisite cap room for your promotions and any demoted players must be eligible for the minors. You must post that you have done this on the boards (unless the move is for one period only) so that the rosters spreadsheet remains accurate.

You don't have to post when placing a player on the DL but must make sure to activate him again once he is healthy.



Deadline reminders will be sent out via group PM. Use ctrl+f on the rankings pages to easily find your player's extension value. Every year during the All-Star break the rankings for the current season up to date will be published for illustrative purposes.

Remember that there are discounts available if the player is on a prospect contract.
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