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13 Dec 06:43
Someone come get Steph so I can keep up with Hook’emDan
13 Dec 06:20
Here we go boys new block with LEGIT names
13 Dec 04:05
haha those are always good.
13 Dec 03:50
Dang OUDAN you might just inspire me to do another “trades that should happen” article
13 Dec 03:41
LOR2 traders Boston is looking for some deals, Lets talk we are open to anything that helps us now
13 Dec 00:57
OK NFLC looks set with KC edging SD.
12 Dec 05:06
@Branum #20
12 Dec 03:40
After the constant scoring updates from last week, I'm not putting in the playoff matchups for this week till tomorrow
12 Dec 03:40
12 Dec 02:47
@ProfitKing New NFLC update I posted lol. I do appreciate you caring btw. It's super nice!!!!
12 Dec 02:44
Whats the status on TMW playoff matchups???
12 Dec 01:16
nice nice
12 Dec 01:02
Plus, next year I'm gonna advocate for the friends/family yahoo league to go back up to $30-40 pay-in's, too easy not to!
12 Dec 00:46
If Adrian is still owner at QFL, near certainty I stay, yes. If not, then the winnings there go to him (since we came out even)= tougher decision as $100 b/w 2 leagues. Which is less fun
12 Dec 00:45
unless your winning haha
12 Dec 00:38
Yeah I might.... I really hope SF gets their act together and chooses RB. They're gonna have 4 not even including jeff wilson next year. But that's not why/why not. Just hard to spend $ on multiple fb leagues
12 Dec 00:27
@WilliamX gotta come back to NFLC hell finishing top 4 at the worst.
12 Dec 00:26
you did win last time lol
12 Dec 00:21
Good game Jmac. Now for long awaited rematch I almost won last time, w Titans
11 Dec 18:10

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New MLB League- National Pastime
Board and sign up page coming soon, but here's a sneak peak at a new MLB league I'm looking at starting up and running for 2018.  

24 team league (willing to expand to 30 if the interest is there, but want a highly engaged, competitive group)
7x7 Head 2 Head Categories league
40 MLB, 25 minors rosters
commissioner- kylerap

Hitting- R, HR, RBI, SB, AVG, WOBA, Strikeouts
Pitching- QS, SV/HLD, K, ERA, TB+BB/IP, BB/9, HR/9

Hitting has normal 5 standard cats and adds WOBA (weighted on base average)  and Strikeouts to place weight on true values of the hits and outcomes hitters produce.

Pitching has 4 normal categories and adds Walks per 9 ip and home runs allowed per 9.  The one difference is that WHIP is replaced with Total Bases + Walks divided by IP.  Similar to WHIP but places more of an emphasis on the type of hit allowed, similar to WOBA on the hitting side.

Idea is that 7x7 will add more value to specific players in a lineup, as well as hopefully reduce the risk of a tie in a given week.

$60 per team per year.  No rollovers, transfers from other leagues, etc.. must be paid to fantrax treasurer or your spot in league is not secured.  Payout structure will reward all playoff teams and some extra for top regular season finishers.

Flat salary cap of $120m per year for all teams
Contracts will be inherited from real life contracts

Start up draft will have both a majors and Minors draft. We will draft 20 rounds of each with an 8 hour clock stopping (with nightly stoppages). Eligibility for minors is under 130 AB/50 IP (rookie limits). Minors draft will start after round 5 of MLB draft concludes.  

Draft order will be randomized.  No trading until after all drafts are complete.  Minors draft will be reverse order of published MLB draft order.

Will have a few other slight rule differentiation's that I’ve learned from and adapted from general leagues on here.  Some are:
  • Minor league roster eligibility will mirror MLB rookie eligibility (130 AB/50IP).  After that must be called up or dropped
  • Yearly draft will include all rookie draft picks, international players, and J2 intl signings
  • Games played in minors will not count towards position eligibility once promoted to MLB
  • 60 day rule for trading only applies to a player given a prospect (p-n/a) deal and is only 30 days for p deals
  • No compensation picks for Type A/B free agents
    • Competitive balance picks will be awarded between rd 1 and 2 for bottom 10 teams and another between round 2 and 3 for bottom 5 teams
  • Out of 40/25 roster, only keep 35/20 players per year with a penalty for cutting players with salaries above 5m per year to prevent issue bad contracts and having an “out” in them.  This should also boost the FA crop each year to help with the overall balance of the league.  
  • Payments due for 2 years at a time (2018 payment due on start up, following year payment due by MLB opening day)
Rough Timeline (Subject to change)
October 9- Begin league signups
November 15- Begin draft  (*Could be sooner depending on sign up rate)
Jan 1 or end of draft- trading opens
Jan 15- Open up free agency for MLB
Feb 15- Free agency starts for minors players
Apr 1- Payment for 2019 due, we will pay ahead 2 years in this way
Jul 31- Trade deadline is always equivalent to MLB deadline that year
Nov 1- Keeper selections due

More information posted soon once boards for the league are created and I can get full set of rules up.  Open to discussion on some of the new ideas outlined as well.  Any questions or comments, please ask.  
Sign ups will be announced and begin once boards are open next week.


Will join as well

(10-10-2017, 07:47 AM)chitownfantasy Wrote: I am DEFINITELY in!

(10-11-2017, 06:01 AM)EternalNomad Wrote: Will join as well

Thanks guys.  Signups are now open here:

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