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Yes come join the madness lol. $10 entry
19 Mar 10:40
19 Mar 09:42
pretty sure that the only thing different to the past is more cctv, phones with cameras and tmz etc.
16 Mar 10:11
Well, and to be fair, there's lots of s***bags in the league right now.
16 Mar 09:36
It’s like they’re taking a page out of the 90’s Cowboys playbook
16 Mar 09:17
So much
16 Mar 07:40
Lord whats wrong with these damn Chiefs players
16 Mar 07:36
HUNT OTB with 8 game suspension in TMW
16 Mar 01:57
SOmeone trade me an SP or two in BTL
15 Mar 23:47
PM SENT @Branum #20
14 Mar 23:50
QFL will be paid up soon
14 Mar 23:35
all paid up in TMW.. willing to talk trades if anyone is interested
14 Mar 23:34
Sounds like a moot point
14 Mar 06:07
Now fellas there's still plenty of time for acl tears and collarbone breaks, don't you worry! Wink
14 Mar 05:58
Only because Trevor Lawerence won't be in the draft!
14 Mar 05:35
Next year that will change with Tua
14 Mar 02:28
Hurts you next bro???
14 Mar 02:25
If you want to be a number 1 pick you come to OU!
14 Mar 02:25
He isnt Baker but he is another #1 overall pick in his own right. Kyler to Zona.
14 Mar 02:25
I agree OUDAN but I don't think Murray is another Mayfield.
14 Mar 01:24

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Predictions & Power Rankings
Week 1

ATL vs JAX - Colibear didn't do much with that Falcons roster but that won't matter as they should have some nice firepower this week. OUDAN's Jags have the advantage on defense but it likely won't be enough to overcome the ATL offense... ATL by 13... They say defense wins championships. I'm not even sure OUDAN was trying to win this game with Ryan Grant being left on the bench. But the Jags had 5 defensive players go over 20 points this week.  Even scarier is they had another 3 defensive guys on the bench with over 20 points scored... JAX won by 72 (Game Ball: The entire Jags defense)

CAR vs LAC - Panthers enter with 10 points from James White from the Thursday games. This game could fall either way. Chargers have the advantage in the rushing game. Can the Panthers get big games from Mack & Foster on defense to overcome? It may come down to whoever wins the QB battle of Big Ben vs P-Riv... SD by 3... Neither of these squads left anything on the bench. Carolina only managed 15 points between Mack/Foster and lost 34-11 in the battle of the RB's... SD won by 40 (Game Ball: QB Philip Rivers)

CHI vs TB - Any other week this would be a no-brainer but Hurricane Irma put this result in doubt as the Bucs are missing at least 11 starters. That will likely be too much for them to overcome... CHI by 20... Chicago's first move under new ownership was to trade Tarik Cohen. But hey, at least they pulled off a win here against a short handed Bucs squad... CHI won by 41 (Game Ball: DT Akiem Hicks)

CLE vs CIN - This is a big battle in the AFC Central. The Bengals have a big advantage offensively but they are short-handed on defense. If Kizer can have a good day, then Cincy might be in trouble. However, aside from starting RB it appears the Bengals offense is head and shoulders ahead of the Browns here... CIN by 8... Boy did Andy Dalton lay a big turd here. It wasn't the sole reason that Cincy lost but it didn't help. On paper, the Bengals offense looked a lot stronger but they only scored 10 more than the Browns. Defensively the Browns took this one home. The scapegoat here is the Bengals coach who left 57 points on the bench with Alex Smith and Ramon Humber... CLE won by 31 (Game Ball: QB Deshone Kizer)

DAL vs PIT - The Cowboys are one of the favorites to win the league and that sentiment only got stronger with the news that Zeke may not face a suspension this season. The Steelers caught a bad break with Kenny Stills missing the game due to Irma. Ultimately this Dallas squad is just too powerful... DAL by 17... The Cowboys dominated in all facets of the game. The Steelers kept it close offensively with a big performance from Antonio Brown but floundered defensively... DAL won by 87 (Game Ball: LB T.J. Watt)

GB vs MIN - This should be a good one folks. The Pack lost Willie Snead to a DUI suspension while The Vikes lost Quizz to Irma. It's hard to look past the A.A.Ron vs Sam Bradford mismatch at QB but if Minny can keep the QB and RB battles within reach, then they could take this one... MIN by 2... The matchup looked good on paper but the Vikings receiving corps laid the wood to the Pack. The Vikes also were vastly superior on defense as no one stepped up for the GB stop unit... MIN won by 83 (Game Ball: WR Stefon Diggs)

IND vs HOU - These are a couple of evenly matched teams. The Texans have nothing at kicker which should mitigate any advantage Tom Savage AF could give them over Scott Tolzein. Ultimately I like that a lot of Houston's defensive players will be squaring off against Blake Bortles IRL... HOU by 3... This was a classic QB battle but in the end Scott Tolzein was too much for Tom Savage and outscored him 7-1. The Colts stepped up on defense unlike their real life counterparts and that proved to be the difference... IND won by 19 (Game Ball: S Glover Quin)

KC vs NO - So... Kareem Hunt and Tyreke Hill are pretty good guys. KC enters this with a 137 pt lead off Thursday's game with 9 players left to go. I think my Saints team is pretty legit but that deficit plus losing 3 studs to Irma makes this a long shot... KC by 10... This was just a whitewash as the Chiefs exploded on offense and the Saints were piss poor on defense... KC won by 87 (Game Ball: RB Kareem Hunt)

LAR vs ARI - The Cards will be one of the worst teams in the league and could go winless. The Rams win this one handily... LAR (Vegas took this game off the board)... This ended up being much closer than it had any right to be as unlikely suspects Jesse James and JJ Nelson had the Cards offense keeping pace. A win is a win but this has to be somewhat discouraging for the Rams. Although they are in sole possession of 1st in the NFC West at the moment. I should add that the Rams defensive bench outscored the starters.. LAR by 21 (Game Ball: K Greg Zuerlein)

MIA vs NE - There is an opening here for the Dolphins as Brady/Cooks/Gronk were only able to combine for 31 points. Unfortunately Miami already dropped the ball by leaving Amendola's 19 points on the bench despite having an open spot in their lineup. The fantasy gods should make them pay... NE by 22... Yeesh, the Dolphins were atrocious putting up only 77 points this week. The Pats should consider themselves lucky as they would have lost to almost anyone else... (Game Ball: WR Amari Cooper)

NYG vs PHI - No clue here as these teams look pretty even. Giants got off to a mediocre start on Thursday with 8 pts from Burkhead/Chung sooo... PHI by 1... This turned out to be a great game. The Giants probably should have won this one but they left suspended Jalin Marshall in their starting lineup. This  result could change if there are any scoring updates but for now... PHI won by 5 (Game Ball: DE Brandon Graham)

OAK vs DEN - The Raiders are going to be tough for anyone to beat. The Broncos are decent but The Raiders are the real deal... OAK by 28... The Raiders opened a can of whoopass on the Broncos. No disrespect to the Broncs as they put up some respectable numbers. But this Raiders squad is a juggernaut... OAK by 136 (Game Ball: RB Tarik Cohen)

SEA vs WAS - This Seahawks team could surprise some people but the Redskins look a little bit deeper on offense... WAS by 6... The Redskins were indeed deeper on offense but it was on the defensive side of the ball where they shined. The Seahawks could use some help at safety where they got blanked this week... WAS won by 65 (Game Ball: LB Ryan Kerrigan)

TEN vs BUF - **Game of the Week**... Hard to forecast this without knowing if OBJ plays for the Bills this weekend. I'm going to assume he plays and give the advantage to the Bills. Buffalo wins the game but still suffers a big loss with Eric Berry's injury on Thursday. Titans losing Landry and Julius to Irma is a tough pill to swallow... BUF by 5... And once again we have the team with the better defensive performance winning their matchup. Might be a good lesson for everyone in the future to not underestimate defensive players... TEN won by 67 (Game Ball: S Devin McCourty)

Should be a good season. Hope to take the Rams to the post-season after drafting them really low. Have easily a top 5 defense but it's a wonder if the offense can score enough to keep us in each week.
FCP- Heat/Bulls, LOR2- Bulls, NP- Blue Jays, QFL- Rams, TMW- Dillon Panthers

Can't sleep on my team. The Mackattack is coming.


pretty good stuff Laimbeer!

First post updated with recaps. Power Rankings coming soon-ish.

Power Rankings After Week 2

1. OAK - Pulled off a coup with Tarik Cohen. Hard to knock a team averaging 300+ points per week. Should be 4-0 after this week.
2. KC  - Kareem Hunt an early MVP candidate. Shame they are in the same division with OAK. Also should be 4-0 this week.
3. DAL - If Zeke and Bell ever get things going, then watch out. Fun matchup against JAX this week.
4. TEN - Getting decent production everywhere but nothing flashy. Is Jordy healthy? Would be a huge loss.

5. NO  - Took a loss week 1 with some guys on a bye. Defense still leaky. AWOL Timmons no help. Big divisional game vs Rams this week.
6. BUF - 2 big injuries on defense and OBJ hasn't gotten out of the startng blocks. Need to watch out for HOU this week.
7. WAS - Solid team. Where did Chris Thompson come from? Fat Rob injured his ribs. No word if he tried to eat them.
8. JAX - MASH unit on offense. 85 Bears on defense. Scary foe.

9. PHI - Off to a surprising start. Wentz looks like the real deal. Lack of depth gonna make it interesting.
10 LAC - Big opportunity for Funchess with Greg Olsen out. Probably in for a loss this week vs OAK
11 MIN - Facing disaster losing Coleman for some weeks and the late scratch on Bradford.
12 PIT - Rough 0-2 start but there is potential. Maybe time to put Tyrod on the block.

13 ATL - Time to pay attention. Suspended CB in starting lineup over Jimmy Smith. Could mess around and go 0-2 this week.
14 CLE - Arrow pointing up with Buck Allen and Rashard Higgins making gains. Chris Johnson could add some further punch.
15 TB  - Middle of the road team with an owner who pays attention. Could spoil anyone's week but tough slate for them this weekend.
16 LAR - Getting nothing at RB and TE. Doing the right thing shopping Cutler. Two division games this weekend.

17 NE  - Eddie Lacy giving them ice cream headaches.
18 NYG - Two division games this week will be crucial.
19 GB  - Rodgers and Montgomery are balling. They aren't getting much help although D'Onta Foreman showed some glimpses last week.
20 DEN - Siemian has been a shocker. Gets a big boost when Doug Martin returns. But probably going 0-2 this week.

21 HOU - Hope springs eternal with Watson. There is some talent here but some big holes as well.
22 CIN - Much like the real life Bengals these guys can't get it going. Probably time to start Alex Smith.
23 CAR - Erickson should no longer be on the bench. Injury to Greg Olsen is brutal.
24 IND - Hard to deal with Luck's injury. There are some pieces here and if they can find a QB at the right price they will jump up this list.

25 SEA - Defense letting this team down. Time to work that waive wire.
26 CHI - The bottom three teams are all playing for next year. The Bears hand was forced a bit with injuries. I'll try not to mention Cohen too much.
27 MIA - Very young team that might gel later in the season. 
28 ARI - Eight picks in the first two rounds next year. This team is in no hurry to improve this year. They are losing without doing anything shady though.

Great job as always by The Beer! 

I'll say this, I'm just happy I'm in the NFC. The top of the AFC looks like it's going to be a battle! Shoot, even the 21st ranked team just gave My Boys a helluva run this week.

Rams defense is dominating but my offense can't do anything. At least deonte Thompson showed up last week lol

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FCP- Heat/Bulls, LOR2- Bulls, NP- Blue Jays, QFL- Rams, TMW- Dillon Panthers

Hopefully we can keep it up until we get DJ back.
QFL:Raiders | LOR2:Bucks | 2MW:Sloth | FCP:Magic

7 points on the year from OBJ killing me!

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