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TB is selling in nflc. Lots of solid vets for contenders
24 Oct 04:34
Bron missing FT to tie the game is not what I imagined when having him. This man will never be as clutch as mamba period
24 Oct 00:04
Well this is annoying... Since I made thread it shows as edited when I clicked on link for too long (and it stupidly adds text). yarg
23 Oct 14:05
I had heard Bell would begin to train during bye week but that situation is always evolving & info a week old
23 Oct 10:19
I like the Hilton side a bit more as well as its safer
23 Oct 10:19
definitely more than fair
23 Oct 10:18
It is standard. I thought it seemed fair considering the risk. I think Bell comes back, but when and do the Steelers use him as much as before.
23 Oct 05:09
In redraft
23 Oct 04:59
I could see either side of it but I would prefer the Hilton/Coleman side
23 Oct 04:58
I don't think I'd vote against it if it was a voting league
23 Oct 04:58
Hilton is nice... Ppr or standard? In my StD yahoo league that looks very fair esp if Coleman produces and gets occasional extra snaps as has been the case. I wish I got those kinda offers. Bell might also be real rusty...
23 Oct 04:58
I need opinions on a 10 team redraft league. The commissioner just traded for Leveon Bell. Gave up TY Hilton and Tevin Coleman. Is that enough? He is asking for feedback. Thoughts?
23 Oct 04:56
Yea I hate ties in Cat leagues. I usually weight 2 of my cats to help prevent that. Like FG% 1.3 and Points 1.1 Looks strange on Live Scoring as scores are like 5.3-1.1-2
23 Oct 03:07
Missing Westbrook for 2 games sent me to 0-4 to start LOR2 season.
23 Oct 03:04
Damn it Orlando giving me a tie in LOR2
23 Oct 02:24
I shoulda given Smart a 3 or 4 year mega-deal... Kind-of a blunder. But my hope is he'll get the starting gig or become such a 6th man force, 11 mill is somewhat OK
23 Oct 00:51
I also like Reggie. Heck, I like most of stupid Pistons... Starting with my Uconn gent
23 Oct 00:48
I'm sure I can still veto, but i'm nowhere near a contender so 2 1st rounders for you won't impact me for another 2 years : ). Plus, neither team is crippled
23 Oct 00:47
only been a couple games dawg... We'll see if those picks are late and he maintains a breakneck pace. even so it's only even then... you got 4 assets
23 Oct 00:45
good morning
23 Oct 00:44

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Kylie Irving to Boston!!!
Got into a conversation tab Starbucks about 10 minutes ago. The guys in there were split 50/50 on who won the trade. Seems to me Cleveland destroyed Boston in this deal. Irving is much better than IT but not worth Crowder Zizic and Nets 1st. Seems to me Boston got the short side but did get the best player

ThankCeltics fan here.

Did the Celtics lose this trade? Possibly.

Did they get destroyed? I doubt it.

Some pertinent facts:

--Kyrie is the better player. He is younger and hasn't peaked yet. IT2 has peaked and also dealing with a serious injury.

--The Nets pick is the big loss here; if it turns into a top 3 pick, that should be huge. But if it falls out of Top 5, this is acceptable  though painful loss for Celtics.

--Kyrie is most difficult Guy to guard according to source none other than Avery Bradley. And remember he hasn't peaked. 

--Kyrie defense sucks because he doesn't try; IT2 just plain can't D up even though he is a hard worker. So there is hope for Kyrie to improve under Coach Stephens.

--Lakers pick could easily prove to be more valuable than the Nets pick. Nearly half the East will be tanking while Brooklyn has no incentive to Tank. The West is incredibly strong;so better for Celtics to hold the Lal-SAC pick and Tatum than the Nets pick.

--Zizic did not look great in Summer League and had to be included for cap purposes. Crowder also had to be included to make salaries match and his production can be replaced by Tatum and Brown.

--Kyrie apparently thinks world is flat but this is basketball not religion and politics--as long as he puts the ball through the hoop, and he can, I'm not preoccupied with his religion.

--IT2 is a great Celtic and admirable personality but remember he is injured, older and smaller. Some people don't make it back 100% with that serious injury.

--Ainge wasn't giving IT2 the max next summer; not at the age of 29.

Will the Nets pick be a top 3 pick? Will Kyrie commit to Defense and to Celtics (he waived his 15% trade kicker by the way so maybe.)? Will IT2 get healthy? 

Did the Celtics lose this trade? Maybe. But I doubt they got destroyed. They still got the Best player in the trade.

Also, when Lebron leaves after next year; East will be ripe for Celtic domination.

So in retrospect, ya I was right. It seems unlikely the Celtics got destroyed.

It seemed after the trade, the Cavs started having buyers remorse--even though they knew they were trading for an injured guy and their Team Docs discovered nothing that hadn't already been disclosed by Boston was asked to include a 2020 2nd round Pick from MIA to complete the trade.

Looks like a fair trade to me under the circumstances. I doubt Any team could have beaten BOS offer.

It's quite possible both teams and all players involved could benefit; we'll see how it goes but at first glance, the whole thing does not look great for IT2, who is apparently going to be asking for the Brinks Truck next Summer.

You appear to be right and I think my initial reaction was wrong

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