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scroll down for single season league i just created, with regards to dynasty there may be some non-owner GM positions for inactive teams, will check with the owners and send a PM out in March
21 Feb 02:42
are there any openings in any baseball leagues?
21 Feb 02:09
SD=20's dynasty
20 Feb 05:33
Yes we are
20 Feb 03:44
SD heading in the right direction
20 Feb 03:35
Machado officially a Padre!!!
20 Feb 03:31
cool, will definitely get the numbers
20 Feb 00:09
I'm down
19 Feb 23:58
Ace, I'm in if you get the numbers you need.
19 Feb 23:46
to see cats/rosters etc. go to and enter sa3wra3hjsb0lq91 as the league ID and ntobza as the password and then view the league rules summary
19 Feb 12:50
slow draft with 4 hour clock and 6 hour overnight sleep starting March 4th, weekly fa with $200 budget
19 Feb 12:49
doing a 14 team $50 single season league, h2h each cat scores a point, every team plays everyone else each week in the reg season ($400 in prizes), then slightly different playoff system ($300 in prizes) with 12 teams
19 Feb 12:49
Mb3 owners: Lincoln, Andy, and Chase: you are bidding on a duplicate Diego thread. Please stop!
15 Feb 17:58
Still looking to shop Jose Abreu in NP if anyone needs a 1B on a expiring deal
15 Feb 07:09
Id love some LOR2 talks if anyone has any REB or BLKs to move.
15 Feb 06:10
Posted a LOTR2 trade for those in the midst of MB3 FA madness Smile
15 Feb 05:43
15 Feb 03:57
where most of the action is for the offseason
15 Feb 02:41
not joining*
15 Feb 02:41
always regret joining the new leagues
15 Feb 02:41

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Video Games
Wanted to post this here to find out if any of you play video games around here. 

I have an XBOX One and PS4 so I'm looking to add extra people to my friends lists on both. If you play video games, feel free to list which ones you play the most and leave your XBOX gamertag or psn if you own a PS4 or XBOX One.

I mostly play sports games, my favorites are NBA 2K, MLB The Show, Madden, and WWE 2K
FCP- Heat/Bulls, LOR2- Bulls, NP- Blue Jays, QFL- Rams, TMW- Dillon Panthers

Can we list non-sport related games? My favorites are the Silent Hill and Portal games!

I think my xbox gamertag is WillBurr887. I can never remember my ps4 one. I have a ps4Pro & Xbox One X. The xbox gets tons more use because I like the layout more, It has youtube TV (Which is GREAT!!!!), 4k Blu-Rays (yes plz!), and I MUCH prefer Xbox Live Gold to Ps4's Poop-eating greedy alternative (where they don't let you keep any games and pretty much force it on you). Plus there's EA's sub monthly package which is cheap and fun.

Part of it is also that the graphics seem better on my One X (it IS faster too.). And the wireless wifi seems to work better further away from modem on one X. Using an LG 4k, HDR, OLED Tv to boot! (Retailed around $1800 new via an X-mas discount sale). 

Oh, and don't forget the XboX Elite Controller (way cheaper than SCUF and worth it!).

Games I like or recently played: Quantum Break, Mirror's Edge Catalyst, Diablo 3, Halo 5 (halo not quite as much lately). Soon UFC 3 & ReCore are at bat.

Yourself @Billy ?

NBA2k this year sounded like bad news (so many more microtransactions) and Live came back in style so more that than 2k (Aside from GM mode which would be fun again bc of Lakers back to glory days probably). I also played Forza Horizon 2 a bunch (now Forza 3 but its annoyingly tough to handle for me).

The only games I'm good at in truth video-game wise are the Diablo series (mostly D2 & D3, where I do hardcore mode), Super Smash Bros (all of them esp the first, although I have a winning record online in ranked matches...not easy to do!), and Chess (not sure it qualifies but since I have a great rank in BlitzChess and fared well against high ranked friends/GM's I figure it counts).

So I play other games, but if I want to feel like I'm half way capable I play those Smile

For PC: Path of Exile & OOTP are the ole reliable ones. I also really like Baseball Mogul's In-game play more than OOTP's.

[offtopic----And if not gaming/watching Westworld or Legion (or SE Cupp unfiltered for Libertarian pundits), I go to Fanduel to hopefully continue winning.]
BTL - Phillies
All other leagues - Dodgers
(MLBLive'18 champs)

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