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Was hoping to meet Adrian in the World Series heh
25 Mar 07:23
Sucks about Jose Ram. I preferred my NP team to BTL, and my other 2 contending teams before this injury. Hope its nothing serious.
25 Mar 07:22
Fairly trite (banal or commonplace) opinion though ; ). I think their baseball team might not be too bad iirc
25 Mar 07:21
Gonzaga is a damn good team imo. Just wish they were in an actual good conference so they had more of a challenge.
25 Mar 05:22
Should be squared away now.. excited for QFL
25 Mar 03:30
Didn't Big East or yucky American (I forget which of the two) almost nab Gonzaga? @threetwocount
25 Mar 02:36
I’ll get mine squared away today @Laimbeer40
24 Mar 23:21
8 really... Branum has a promise to pay so I'll exclude him from the count.
24 Mar 14:17
Still 9 unpaid owners in QFL. Payment deadline is April 1st... so if you are not already in the league but interested in joining, then let me know. Unpaid owners will be aggressively replaced.
24 Mar 14:17
At 11 participants in the March Madness contest. Post at the below link if interested. $10 can be paid to my paypal or Venmo.
21 Mar 02:05
Yes come join the madness lol. $10 entry
19 Mar 10:40
19 Mar 09:42
pretty sure that the only thing different to the past is more cctv, phones with cameras and tmz etc.
16 Mar 10:11
Well, and to be fair, there's lots of s***bags in the league right now.
16 Mar 09:36
It’s like they’re taking a page out of the 90’s Cowboys playbook
16 Mar 09:17
So much
16 Mar 07:40
Lord whats wrong with these damn Chiefs players
16 Mar 07:36
HUNT OTB with 8 game suspension in TMW
16 Mar 01:57
SOmeone trade me an SP or two in BTL
15 Mar 23:47
PM SENT @Branum #20
14 Mar 23:50

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Trade Block
GM- Miami Dolphins QFL  Dolphins 
GM- Alabama Crimson Tide  A

Everyone on the Hawks can be had. I need RB badly. Also looking to acquire more round 1-3 picks in the upcoming draft. Get at me if you see something shiny you like.

GM- Miami Dolphins QFL  Dolphins 
GM- Alabama Crimson Tide  A

Vikings Trade Block 
RB Chris Carson -                           0.5M (2019)
RB Ameer Abdullah -                    1.6M (2020)
WR Corey Coleman -                    2.9M (2020)
WR Alshon Jeffery -                      3M (2020)
TE Demetrius Harris -                   1M (2019)
TE Gerald Everett -                       1.4M (2020)
TE Josh Hill -                                  0.5M (2020)
TE James O'Shaugnessy -            1M (2019)

DE Everson Griffen -                     6M (2020)
DE Danielle Hunter -                    17M (2020)
DE Jordan Willis -                          1M (2019)
DE John Franklin-Myers -            0.5M (2020)
DT Mike Daniels -                         1.4M (2019)
DT Ronald Blair -                          1M (2019)
LB Anthony Barr -                        3M (2020)
LB A.J. Klein -                                2.2M (2019)
LB Jordan Evans -                        1M (2019)
LB Eric Kendricks -                       6M (2020)
CB Mackensie Alexander -         1.1M (2019)
CB Adrian Colbert -                     0.4M (2019)
CB Stephon Gilmore -                1.2M (2019)
CB Michael Davis -                      1M (2019)
S Andrew Sendejo -                    4M (2019)
S Derrick Kindred -                     1.5M (2019)
S Harrison Smith -                      10.3M (2021)
S Micah Hyde -                           1M (2019)

*Open to 2019 picks and/or players*
NFLC:  Jaguars     QFL: Vikings     2MW: QC Steamwheelers 

Looking to add draft picks and/or RB/WR/TE talent. Almost anyone can move except Goff (unless for another good starting QB and another piece) and my 1st round pick.

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FCP- Heat/Bulls, LOR2- Bulls, NP- Blue Jays, QFL- Rams, TMW- Dillon Panthers


Well it looks like I'm in rebuild mode,so I will move anyone but Barkley and Warren.
If you see anybody you like,I'm looking for draft picks for 2020 and maybe some young prospects.

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GM- Miami Dolphins QFL  Dolphins 
GM- Alabama Crimson Tide  A

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