Full Version: Detroit Extensions/Roster Moves/Release
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Detroit Extensions:
Xander Bogaerts:  Best year: '18: #40;  $8.8M - 2 years (2021)
David Dahl:  Best year: '18: #233;  $2.0M - 3 years (2022)
Jeimer Candelario:  Best year: '18: #119;  $2.9M - 3 years (2022)

Additional Notes:
C Mitch Garver in Google Sheets but not in Fantrax.  Bought here: http://dynastysportshq.com/thread-35827.html
Pablo Reyes shows as OF in Sheets, 2B in Fantrax.  Played 58 games in minors in OF and 12 games in majors. Please change to OF in Fantrax.  Baseball
Reference: https://www.baseball-reference.com/regis...yes-004pab

Arquimedes Gamboa, SS, PHI
Candelario cant be extended until next year (only last year of contract). The other two are good though.