Full Version: Free Agency Rules
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- Please post the Position, Player and Team name in the title of the thread when creating one.  (Ex- SF OF Barry Bonds)
- You will bid will be the TOTAL CONTRACT VALUE.  
(Example- 50m bid is a total value of 50m.  This would mean you can offer 5 years at $10.0m per year, 4 years at $12.5m, 3 at 16.7, etc...)
- Based on the total value, you can assign them a contract length based on the table at the bottom of this page.
- You must have room on the roster in order to make bids.  If you make 5 bids, you must have 5 open roster spots.  
 Winning bid must stand for 48 hours and then will be considered won 

- Any player with LESS THAN rookie limits (130 at bats/50 innings pitched) is eligible for a prospect contract, regardless if they're going on MLB or minors roster.  
If you're bidding on rookie OF John Doe you can simply bid PC (prospect contract).  This means they get a standard rookie contract of $500k that goes 3 years AFTER the year they surpass rookie limits.  
These players can also be bid on with a one time signing bonus (Example- I bid PC + 3 million for John Doe).  This is a prospect contract with a $3 million bonus that applies only to the current season's salary cap.  The total value of this bid is $3.5m (3m bonus plus $0.5m for the current yr contract).  You're also able to give a full MLB deal if you so desire, though players on prospect contracts are able to be released at no cap penalty.  

- ANY BIDS THAT PUT YOU OVER THE CAP ARE INVALID and will be deleted by a moderator.  

Any editing of bids is completely prohibited and and bid with an edit on it is invalid.  No exceptions.  

Contract Limits (after initial startup values) 
Total Salary - Maximum Years
$3.2m or less, 2 years
$3.3m to $19.9m, 3 years
$20m to $49.9m, 4 years
$50m+, 5 years (the overall limit)

What does this mean?
In order to give a player a 4 year deal, it must have a minimum total value of 20m, or 5m per year average. 
5 year deal must be a total of 50 million, or average of $10 million annually.

Once the player is won, the thread will be stickied to the top and the winning team will have 48 hours to post their desired contract.  
Failure to post the contract within 48 hours results in player being re-released into FA and cap hits being applied to the team as if they were dropping the player.