Full Version: Free Agency
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Free Agency Period
Free agency will open up on a determined DATE. Free agency will close at the start of the playoffs.  That means no more new player bids once Week 13 comes around.

- A bid on a player is considered closed and final when 48 hours has passed since the last bid. 
- All bids are for the amount of the total contract.  
- Bids must be in multiples of $100k.  
- The minimum annual salary is $400k.  
- Once a bid is closed, the GM must decide on a contract for the player. 

Minimum bid raises:
Less than $5.0m = $200k min raise
Between $5.1m and $9.9m = $500k min raise
$10.0m and over = $1.0m min raise

A manager does not have to have the roster space or cap space to bid on a player.  This is due to the non-guaranteed contracts utilized in this league, a manager can make a couple quick moves to get under the roster limit and salary cap to take on their new free agent signing.

After a bid is won:

Teams have 72hrs to post roster moves to make room either for salary, roster spot or both for a winning FA bid. (Clock starts from the time we ask for contract or corresponding roster move)

If a team does not make the necessary moves, the team will be assessed the bonus cap hit associated with dropping a player of the winning bid's contract. The player will then go back into the FA pool.