Full Version: LAD/WAS Trade
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LAD/WAS trade has been withdrawn by LAD
Wasn't particularly looking to trade Inciarte but couldn't resist meadows. I know Grandal's bat sucks, but the catching market wasn't kind to me in FA.
I've tidied up the thread; no further discussion is needed, just votes with accompanying reasoning if necessary.

I want to give the benefit of the doubt as i can see that LAD are betting on Inciarte.

But a top 10 catcher, a very good near majors prospect, a decent reliever and a decent starting pitcher is very lopsided.

I really don't like the precedent this could set; making fair deals will become far more difficult if GMs see this sort of return as possible. Also i'd advise all owners to use the trade block properly and be patient.

For those reasons i'm going to veto. 

You guys are free to try again if this trade doesn't get the requisite votes.
Nm .... LAD withdraws trade ...