Full Version: LAD/MIN
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LAD sends to MIN:

Jay Bruce 1.1M (2017) 0.9M (2018)
Matt Adams 0.6M (2017)
Joe Mauer 3.3M (2017)

MIN sends to LAD

Francisco Mejia
Austin Meadows
2017 2nd round pick

LAD clears away more surplus pieces for cap space and top level specs.

MIN to confirm
Twins agree add talent to my team at resonable contracts and move future assets

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I'd really like to see Meadows, who is one of the Twins very best pieces, posted on the block before taking such a paltry return.

As commissioner i have a responsibility to ensure that the teams at the bottom remain viable in terms of finding a new owner should that need arise.
As i paying for my team i should do what ever i feel is right for my team u may not like it but i do.
I understand the point made by Ace .... but ...

I would point out that Bruce ranked significantly higher last year than some other players who get a good deal more recognition for their value ... J.D. Martinez, Ozuna, Pederson, Calhoun, Stanton, Bautista, Mazara, Sano ... just to name a few .... and at 29 and with the contract he has for the next 2 years .... thats value that should not be overlooked ...

On the other side, while Meadows has significant upside potential he also has some significant injury history now that makes him a bit more riskier spec and diminishes his prospect value ...